Simple Security

Simple Alarms are not just at the forefront of car alarm simplicity, they don’t overlook security either.

Above are the main security features and below is a little more information on some of the features:

Code Hoping Remote

With any remote there is the ability to scan the signal and pick it up. Sometimes thieves will wait in the car park with a device that will copy your remotes signal and then use it to steal your car later. Simple Alarms use code hopping technology. This means that every time the remote unlocks or locks the alarm, the signal “hops” to a new frequency. With over 10,000 different frequencies its nearly impossible for a thief to estimate the next signal.

Deterrent Features

Flashing Hazard Lights

Hazard lights flash when the system is armed and disarmed and when the alarm is triggered. The hazard lights flashing when the car is armed is a signal to anyone watching that the vehicle has been armed. Sometimes thieves will wait in parking areas to see if a vehicle is left unarmed, or simply doesn’t have an alarm. When they see the hazards flash and the siren chirp they know this car is alarmed and they should move on to another.


The siren chirp is a similar deterrent to the hazard lights. Its and audible signal that the car has an alarm system installed. Also many times thieves will kick a car to see if it sets off the alarm before they break in. The siren chirp lets them know not to bother.

Dash Mounted Flashing LED

The dash mounted LED is clearly visible, especially at night. Any thief knows straight away that this car is alarmed and going to be more difficult. Since a majority of theft is opportunistic, this is often enough to keep amateur thieves at bay.


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