Automatic Unlocking

Automatic Unlocking

Simply walk near the car with the remote in your pocket and your car will sense you’re there and unlock.

Engine Immobilizer

Engine Immobilizer

Prevents thieves from stealing your car by cutting the power to the engine when alarmed.

Handsfree Security

Handsfree Security

Feel assured your car is always secure. Never worry you left it unlocked again!

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Simple car security systems are designed with convenience AND security in mind. Now you can have all the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is alarmed without ever having to worry about arming it.

No longer will you need to struggle with your keys to open your car while balancing your shopping, briefcase, baby or laptop in your hands!

Simply carry the alarm remote in your bag, pocket or wallet and walk near the car. It will sense when you’re there and  the system will automatically disarm and unlock, then when you walk away it’ll automatically arm and lock.

It also functions like a regular alarm with buttons for unlock and lock. Simply press the AUTO/RKE button to toggle between manual and automatic mode. Good for when you want to alarm the car while the keys are near, or when you want to leave unlocked with the keys out of range.

Have a play with the animation above to get a feel for it.

Simply move the remote near the car and it will unlock.


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